We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return. Quran 2:156

Bodies are washed, wrapped, and buried according to Islamic rituals. Costs of funeral services are included in the package price. Only Muslims are buried in this cemetery. All Muslims are invited to use the cemetery without exception.

Body preparation: facility for performing Ghusl – washing the body for burial in accordance to Islamic guidelines at AMCC Janazah Preparation Room.
Burial plot: selection of graveyard plot in a Muslim Cemetery.
Funeral prayers: Janaza prayer service held at AMCC.
Transportation: transportation service for deceased from AMCC to cemetery.
Death certificate: arrangement of proper documents for family such as death certificate, shipping of body, physician’s signature on certificate.


Muslim cemetery is located about 20 minutes from AMCC.  The address is below.:

Enterprise Evergreen Cemetery
141 Enterprise Road
Deltona, FL 32725