AMCC Board Members are here to serve the AMCC community. Below are the current year serving board members.

AMCC Board Members

Dr. Shakil Ahmed

Dr. Shakil Ahmed is a practicing doctor/internist and a hospitalist in Central Florida area. He is also an assistant professor at UCF school of medicine, Orlando. He is also an...

Nabil Rehman

I was born and raised in Toronto and moved to Orlando in the late ‘90s. I am a father of two children; they are 3rd generation American Muslims. As a...

Shabana Razak

Software Engineer by profession with a Master’s Degree in Computer and Information Systems from UCF.

Haroon Arsalanturk

AMCC Board member.

David Kiswani

Mr. Kiswani is a Telecom Engineer, a licensed real estate salesman/investor, and the owner of several businesses and investments.

Dr. Osman Farooq

AMCC Board Member.

Mahwash Mahmood

Currently, president of web design & development company called Netphiles. Front end web developer and graphic design with a Bachelor's in Information Science from University of Florida. In addition, serving...

Dr. Nadeem Shaikh

AMCC Board members and a physician.