AMCC Women’s Wing

AMCC Women’s Wing was created under the direction and leadership of Dr. Naseem Bano and Sr. Shabana Razak. The purpose and aim is geared towards unity amongst our community women with a sense of purpose and accomplishment of various projects and social growth. There is an annual fee of $20.00 for membership.

For more information, please contact Dr. Naseem Bano – 321 439 9750 | Shabana Razak – 407 256 8493

Click on link below to download membership form

AMCC_Women’s Membership Form

MISSION: To promote social, spiritual, emotional growth of our community women including young girls in the light of Quran and Sunnah.

The GOALS of AMCC Women’s Wing are listed below:

SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Encourage the spiritual growth of the women involved by organizing halaqas and Islamic classes and inviting more participants to the existing programs including women scholars.
HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Encourage those involved to achieve their best health to fulfill their practical and spiritual obligations by organizing and participating fitness and nutrition classes at AMCC.
FOSTERING FRIENDSHIP: By organizing regular family gatherings, potluck dinners on the Day of Arafat, Ashura etc. we intend to foster friendships through these social events among the ladies involved and welcoming any new families moving to our community.
HELPING COMMUNITY: Food Pantry, organizing clothing donations, helping/ assisting other communities at the time of disaster etc.
DAWAH: Organizing dawah events like Interfaith Yoga or involvement in Sharing Ramadan etc. to share our beautiful faith, encourage healthy interfaith relationships, build bridges and promote Islamic awareness in the local communities & society-at-large.


Food Pantry Yearly/Bi-yearly Interfaith Yoga
Ladies Fitness Weekly Tafsir/Seerah Classes
Monthly family programs Sunday Halaqa
Ladies Book Club Inviting speakers to build Life Skills
Matrimonial Services Ramadan programs