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American Bangladesh Muslim

The United States of America is full of people, all kinds of people from all different backgrounds. I wanted to take some time to talk about my background. My dad is white born in Vermont and grew up as a Christian. My mom was born in Bangladesh and she grew up being a Muslim. Being an American Muslim hasn’t been hard nor have I gotten hated for it. All my friends know that I am a Muslim. Instead they are full of questions they do joke around here and there, but I know its all for fun.

Now being a Muslim with a White father is another story. At the mosque a lot of the people talk about my dad and ask does he practice, when did he convert its very interesting to talk about. As for my mom going back home to Bangladesh to see family is super fun, I love Bangladesh. But being a Muslim in the US and in Bangladesh are slightly different. In Bangladesh there are mosques almost everywhere, almost everybody is a practicing Muslim. It’s easier because you can hear the call to prayer all over the town where as in the US you must look at your phone and find out the time. I tend to keep my personal life away from people that I don’t really know I don’t really talk to any Muslims at my school because at my school there aren’t many Muslims and if they are, they are in lower grades. I think as an American Muslim we have adopted something that the everyday American does but we always stays true to who we are and we stay true to the religion of Islam.

Aden Brady