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WELCOME RAMADAN 2023/1444 Support your masjid with a quick donation so AMCC can continue to provide services to our growing community, youth, women, new Muslims and less privileged. IMPORTANT UPCOMING DATES AMCC Fundraiser & Iftar - TBA Khatam ul Quran - TBA Eid Al Fitr - TBA SPONSOR AN IFTAR AMCC IFTAR will begin every weekend and then every day in last 15 days of Ramadan. Be part of this blessing! Sponsor an Iftar! Insh'Allah we will be hosting iftar meals again in Ramadan. Iftar will be served on the following days: March 24, 25 & 26 [...]

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Imam’s Corner – Weekly Islamic Post


In the name of Allah the most Beneficent, the most Merciful, and peace and blessing be upon the Blessed Prophet.Does throwing up break your wudu?Yes, throwing up breaks your wudu but there are certain things that we should know in regards to this matterFirstly, what constitutes throw-up that breaks one's wudu?Throw-up that invalidates one's wudu is throw-up that has reached a mouth full.Secondly, what constitutes a mouth full?Scholars mention a mouth full as being categorized as a throw-up that can no longer be maintained or held in the mouth except with great effort.For example, you feel nauseous and feel like throwing up so [...]

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Teen Talk


TEEN TALK AT AMCC HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS  Join us every SUNDAY on ZOOM to discuss current events & issues. Teen mentorship program where High School (Grade 9 & up) students interact & discuss on relevant current events & issues with an Islamic perspective. EXAMPLE TOPICS DISCUSSED IN PAST Work Ethic Education/Pursuit of knowledge Nutrition/Eating Healthy NOW Making the most of Free Time In order to join the discussion, please REGISTER your teenager by Friday evening.

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