Assalamu Alaikum,

AMCC Youth Blog page is where young, high school students can submit their articles related to subject of Islam and Youth to create a better understanding of our religion amongst the “next gen” of Muslim American youth.
We would like to provide an opportunity to young, Muslim high school students to express their views, share their personal stories, or issues in a manner with prior review by panel of AMCC Board members.
Some examples of writing can be a book review with a Muslim character, conceptual essay that connects use of social media to five daily prayers, or make our community better by getting involved in social justice causes.

Jazak Allah Khairun

Who can write for us?
Muslim High School students attending High School in Central Florida area.

Blog Guidelines
Keep articles to maximum of between 200-250 words. 
Be critical and thought provoking, but not malicious or degrading.
We will edit or delete any that are profane, malicious, degrading, pornographic in nature, or unnecessarily hurtful.
No personal attacks, hate speech, or threats toward individuals, religious figures, or organizations.
No flaming, trolling, or baiting.
Do not violate the copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party.
To protect users’ privacy, we discourage the inclusion of your or others’ personal information, such as e-mail addresses, in your blog article.
No advertisements to promote websites or products.
The views and opinions expressed in the article belong to the people who write them only.
No photographs or images can be posted due to copyright issues. All graphics related to the article will be created by AMCC webmaster.

All submitted articles should be sophisticated, engaging, innovative and thoughtful with the aim of educating the public.  The articles will be first REVIEWED by AMCC Board of Directors and posted after approval from them. AMCC reserves the right to post articles at its discretion and hence not ALL articles will be posted.
The article should be submitted via email only at [email protected] with SUBJECT: YOUTH BLOG ARTICLE – YOUR NAME

Only one article will be posted every month.

Thank you very much and happy writing!



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