In the name of Allah the most Beneficent, the most Merciful, and peace and blessing be upon the Blessed Prophet.

Does throwing up break your wudu?

Yes, throwing up breaks your wudu but there are certain things that we should know in regards to this matter
Firstly, what constitutes throw-up that breaks one’s wudu?
Throw-up that invalidates one’s wudu is throw-up that has reached a mouth full.

Secondly, what constitutes a mouth full?
Scholars mention a mouth full as being categorized as a throw-up that can no longer be maintained or held in the mouth except with great effort.
For example, you feel nauseous and feel like throwing up so you run to the bathroom and you can not hold yourself at all and you throw up. This would constitute a ‘mouthful’ and hence break your wudu

But if you feel acid reflux or some discomfort and you throw up a bit, but you are able to hold it inside your mouth with ease, this would not count as a mouth full and hence not break your wudu. 

And Allah SWT knows best

We ask Allah SWT to keep us steadfast, to increase us in beneficial knowledge, and to bless our Friday.

I ask Allah SWT to grant us all a proper understanding of his perfect religion.  And Allah SWT knows best

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