What constitutes one’s Awrah?

In the name of Allah the most Beneficent, the most Merciful, and peace and blessing be upon the Blessed Prophet.

Firstly, we have to understand what is ‘Awra’?

In Islam ‘Awra’ refers to the part of the body that must be covered with appropriate clothing. In English people commonly refer to it as, ‘nakedness’ or ‘area of the body that must be covered.

Now that we have an understanding of what Awra is, we have to keep in mind that Awra of the man and women are different. Allah SWT says in the Holy Quran وَلَيْسَ الذَّكَرُ كَالْأُنثَىٰ (Aly Imran, 36) ‘and the male is not like the female’.

Let us begin with the Awra of the female:

The Awra of the female is her entire body along with all her hair, except her face, hands, and feet.

The feet of the women are differed upon amongst the schools of Islamic Law, due to this difference of opinion it is recommended for the women to cover their feet.

The blessed Prophet SAW said in a famous hadith regarding grey area in the religion “فَمَنْ اتَّقَى الشُّبُهَاتِ فَقْد اسْتَبْرَأَ لِدِينِهِ وَعِرْضِهِ” “Thus he who avoids doubtful matters clears himself in regard to his religion and his honor” (Bukhari and Muslim).

What is the Awra of the male?

The Awra of the man is from below his navel (belly button) to the end of his knee.

There is also a difference of opinion amongst scholars on whether the belly button is included as a part of the man’s Awra, based upon this difference of opinion we say it is recommended for him to cover his belly button as well. In regards to the previously mentioned hadith.

Having said this, it is of high importance for the Muslim to observe covering his Awra at all times, whether one be swimming in his local pool or playing basketball in his local gym, especially if that gym were to be a part of the Masjid.

Having one’s Awra not covered properly is haram and the believer will then be sinful for this and would need to repent to Allah for leaving off such an important command.

I ask Allah SWT to grant us all a proper understanding of his perfect religion.

And Allah SWT knows best

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