Marriage Service

That He has created mates for you from yourselves that you might find quiet of mind in them and He put between you love and compassion. Surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect. Quran 30:21

Parties wishing to get married at AMCC should be aware of the Islamic regulatory requirements before completing a marriage request form and making an appointment for their marriage service.

AMCC follows the guidelines of Shariah for marriage and requires two Muslim witnesses and a prior appointment with the Imam. The amount of mahr (dowry) should be agreed upon by the groom and bride, and needs to be mentioned at time of marriage.

The following items are required before nikah or marriage certificate can be provided at AMCC:
Marriage Agreement (Nikah nama) will be presented to the couple at the conclusion of the Nikah ceremony.

  • WITNESSES – Two Muslim witnesses with their valid identification such as a driver license, passport, I.D., etc.
  • MARRIAGE LICENSE – valid marriage license from the county or official marriage certificate.
  • MAHR/DOWRY – Dowry, a gift from the groom to the bride must be agreed upon before the service