Shabana Razak

<p>Software Engineer by profession with a Master’s Degree in Computer and Information Systems from UCF.</p>

Nabil Rehman

<p>I was born and raised in Toronto and moved to Orlando in the late ‘90s. I am a father of two children; they are 3rd generation American Muslims. As a family we have deep roots in Seminole County, giving me a unique background and perspective. I am a Software Engineering... </p>

Dr. Shakil Ahmed

<p>Dr. Shakil Ahmed is a practicing doctor/internist and a hospitalist in Central Florida area. He is also an assistant professor at UCF school of medicine, Orlando. He is also an active member of medical staff at Central Florida Regional hospital participating in multiple projects and part of many committees. Dr.... </p>

Dr. Nadeem Shaikh

<p>AMCC Board members and a physician.</p>

David Kiswani

<p>Mr. Kiswani is a Telecom Engineer, a licensed real estate salesman/investor, and the owner of several businesses and investments.</p>

Haroon Arsalanturk

<p>AMCC Board member.</p>

Dr. Osman Farooq

<p>AMCC Board Member.</p>

Mahwash Mahmood

<p>Currently, president of web design & development company called Netphiles. Front end web developer and graphic design with a Bachelor's in Information Science from University of Florida. In addition, serving as a Principal of Peace Academy Sunday School.</p>