David Kiswani

My legal Name is “David Taisser Kiswani”, my friends call me “Tayseer or Daoud “, I am a son of a Palestinian refugee family in Jordan. I grew up in a strict Muslim house and did my 12 years of schooling at Al-Aqsa Madrasa. I came to USA at age 17 and graduated from UCF in 1981. While there I helped establish the UCF Muslim Student Association and held first Juma prayer at UCF. I earned my MS degree from Johns Hopkins university in 1995. I worked as a telecom engineer on various global wireless satellite systems, I tout in community colleges, and owned several businesses that included a not for profit organization.
Unfortunately, life demands in America caused me to ignore my spiritual needs until my brother got killed in Tampa, and I performed Hajj in 2005. Seven months later in 2006, I got in a car accident that injured my spinal cord and caused my quadriplegia, since then I have been devoting what’s left of my life to studying the Quran and focusing on my relationship with my Creator.
I aspire to follow the Shathili Sufi teachings which advocates the total submission, devotion, and love of Allah ‘swt’ while living and dealing with life demands, among Muslims and non-Muslims alike. I believe Allah created us to make earth a better place for his sake, therefore I should try to make every word I say or act I do for the sake of Allah, and ensure that earth and its inhabitants are better off as a result. May Allah guide us all, and keep us on the straight path