Nabil Rehman

I was born and raised in Toronto and moved to Orlando in the late ‘90s. I am a father of two children; they are 3rd generation American Muslims. As a family we have deep roots in Seminole County, giving me a unique background and perspective.

I am a Software Engineering Director for a local company. My role is to define a vision, create an actionable roadmap, get buy-in from stakeholders, assemble the right team, coordinate with key partners, and get everyone working together to deliver results for the organization.

Alhamdulillah, I have had the opportunity to be involved with Islamic work since my youth: from stamping donation envelopes as a child, to organizing nationwide MSA events in college. I am a previous AMCC board member and have been involved with projects such as Winter Camps, Food Truck nights, Adopt-a-Highway, and the Election Polling Station in Longwood.