Youth Programs at AMCC create a context of connection to Islam and help kids grow in their relationship with Allah and His messengers.

Through understanding Islam, sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and historical facts by engaging in a fun, Muslim friendly environment, attending AMCC Peace Academy Sunday school with fellow Muslim peers, gathering at AMCC’s Youth Town Hall events, participating at volunteering opportunities, or receiving tutoring for SAT prep course through EEI.  These programs bring both our parents and community together to provide a bright, stable Muslim environment for our future ummah as they learn to grow with an American Muslim identity.

Below is a list of programs that our youth participate in:


A weekly Islamic Sunday school. For more details & information, please click and visit the AMCC Peace Academy page.


Excellence in Education is a non-profit SAT/Math Tutoring program for Grades 5 & above. For more details & information, please click and visit the EEI page.


Teenagers (14 & above) or incoming 9th graders have an opportunity to complete their minimum requirement of 100 Bright Future Scholarship Hours at AMCC Peace Academy Sunday School by becoming a weekly Sunday Teen volunteer at the school.

TEEN TALK – Teen Talk is a program where teens gather with a mentor to discuss current events, teen issues, Islamic discussions, events related to school or issues they face as a Muslim. It conicides with TEEN VOLUNTEER program as this gathering happens on Sunday before Dhuhr Salat.

YOUTH READING CLUB – As part of TEEN TALK program, we also have a youth reading club where teenagers have about 15-20 minutes of reading time allotted with an assigned book to share & discuss their books.  The books are mostly biographies on Muslim historical figures or topic related to Islam.


This bi-annual activity is a great opportunity to earn hours outside of classroom by cleaning & beautifying our adopted highway. Teenagers (14 +) are encouraged to help with cleaning the highway that AMCC has adopted.


This project is for feeding the homeless in conjunction with Masjid Al Haqq in downtown Orlando. An announcement is made prior to the event.